in a disruptive, transformational business world, new leadership skills are emerging and traditional ones are evolving


We have worked with hundreds of leaders, top talent and succession candidates to grow as individuals and as teams.

We help leaders understand and develop their ability to lead innovation, to increase in influence and to make the most of their natural strengths. 


how we apply our expertise 

for individuals

We believe that an individual’s greatest satisfactions and successes come from maximizing their strengths.  

Everyone has areas for growth.  Often the growth area is already a strength that the individual has either not fully realized, or is not fully exploiting.   Plus, we all have blind spots. 

We work with individuals to help them rapidly develop the skills they need for next level performance.  Examples include moving from being a star performer to a leader who gets the best performance from his or her directs reports; an individual who moves from being a good presenter to having executive presence; or an excellent operator who needs to grow as a strategist. 

for teams

Teams achieve their greatest results when they make the most of their collective strengths. And, learn how to manage their allowable weaknesses. 

Whether it is a new team or a team facing with a new challenge, we help them go further, faster and provide lasting skills which they can apply throughout their careers. 

work we have done for clients



for a global travel company 

ongoing work at the individual level with SVP through CEO 



for a Fortune 50 retailer

designed and facilitated an off-site session devoted to strategic planning and team relationships