Visual.  Instantaneous.  Bold.  Brief.  There are new rules for how we communicate, engage and relate

Technology has enabled remote work forces, made phenomenal amounts of information instantly available and presented organizations with unprecedented options for reach.

We work with individuals and organizations to capture and move audiences that are critical to their success.

how we apply our expertise

speeches, presentations, core message platforms

Today we want our communications in bite sizes.  We want to be engaged, if not entertained.  And, we expect transparency, data proof points and strong conviction from speakers.

These preferences have clear implications for how speeches, presentations and messages must be structured, composed and delivered.

We work with individuals to develop a core message platform that forms the basis of all communication.

We write major speeches, create presentations, develop content and on your timeline.

And, we believe that the delivery can make an ordinary speech sparkle or a great speech ordinary, so we work with clients to identify and integrate their best, natural style into the content. 

engagement and relationship programs

Relationship management has always been about creating influence in both directions.

Now, potential points of engagement span an enormous array of communications, from in-person to digital, old school to social.

We work with organizations to develop engaging, targeted, measurable programs which are centered in contemporary preferences for communication and interaction.

Our programs connect and get relationship results with audiences critical to your success such as customers, prospects, employees or business partners.

work we have done with clients


for a global hospitality company

write CEO speeches, create presentations and develop executive briefings 


for a Fortune 50 financial services company

designed and implemented an engagement program for 3,000 customers and prospects