With businesses in continual transformation, an organization’s leaders and top talent need innovative thinking and execution to stay on top.  But each organization’s innovation path is as unique as a fingerprint.  

Organizations don’t innovate.  The people within them do.  The question for individuals, including people leaders, is not “am I innovative?” but “how am I innovative?”.  

The questions for the organization are “what does innovation mean here and what is our best path to it?”  

We work with clients to answer these questions, build the business case and the implementation plan to get the innovation into the business.


how we apply our expertise


Our proprietary, signature methodology, featured in Business Week, is a transformative, leader-among-leaders experience.  

Engaging with innovators, authors, artists, technologists, scientists, and businesses which have broken the code, it is designed for senior-most leadership and top talent.

This immersion in the near and not so near future, is guaranteed to generate innovative business breakthroughs. 

innovation seminars for teams

Each organization defines innovation differently.  And, people within the organization have different innovation skills.

These seminars inspire and facilitate people to learn how they are innovative and how they can maximize their contribution. In addition, they define the best innovation options for their team or business unit.  And, they develop the business case for each option.

work we have done for clients


for a Fortune 500 global apparel company 

designed and facilitated an immersive InnovationX program for 15 top executives to define innovative strategies and which resulted in millions of dollars in new revenue



for a global travel management company

designed and facilitated innovation seminars for 40 managers