the best, most rapid path forward is unique to each organization. Defining it relies on being able to quickly spot trends; on being able to separate what is relevant and important from what is simply interesting; and on understanding best emerging practices. 

We have a depth of expertise and experience in assessments, surveys and focus groups.  We also believe in facilitating our clients to experience emerging trends and practices first hand.

Our methodologies are fast, thorough and collaborative, resulting in stakeholder buy-in from the outset. 

how we apply our expertise

insights to culture & communication

Culture and communication are the reasons strategy succeeds or doesn’t.

We think of culture in terms of leadership values, how success is defined, what is rewarded.  And, communication means connecting, not simply sharing information.

Our snapshot culture and communications methodology points to priority actions for your organization which have the highest return.  

We’ll work with you develop a rapid implementation plan and help you execute it. 

insights from research & data

Sometimes extensive, primary research is your best option. But not always and it’s not us.

We excel in consolidating and analyzing existing research and data including your own, plus that which is publicly available.  The process also includes in-depth media scans. Then we quickly share what the research says that is relevant to you. And we provide you with actionable insights.

If need be, we’ll conduct targeted focus groups, interviews and surveys to augment the data.

Clients call us when they want a fast turnaround on a white paper or a study.  Or, if they simply want a solid report that highlights surprising, relevant findings from the best available data. 

work we have done with clients


for a Fortune 500 manufacturer

Organization-wide culture assessment in support of a merger. Followed by team and change training for more than 2,000 employees.


for a Fortune 1000 global travel company

A study and interviews with its largest franchisees with the goal of increasing profitability.  Followed by redesign of customer relationship program.